Moving Game Project to another computer

Hi, I am working on a game currently on a crappy laptop and i want to move the project file over to my desktop as it just makes everything a lot easier, when i try and copy the project files over, once i open them on my desktop half of the project files are deleted and i am just left with: .internal, assets, build, input, mainlevel and game.project. None of the other files that were in the project appear the moment i try and move the project from my flash drive. Any help would be great.

You should be able to Zip the project folder (the folder containing the game.project).
Exclude the build folder ( and .git if you have that) to make the zip smaller.

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So just Zip all the project files other than the build folder and the two .gitattributes and .gitignore files?


An alternative is to use a versioning system, like git. I’d recommend using which a lot of us are using.

Do you have a link to any sort of tutorial to get started with that?

It’s an old tool and website, with lots of resources online though.