Moving Bodies in Defold

I normally move what needs to be moved with a kinematic body; however, Defold’s kinematic object cannot be moved with velocity, to my knowledge. I do not like the built-in physics engine either since there is no gravity scale property for dynamic bodies and it looks a bit slow. Is there a effective solution for moving a body like a kinematic one in other game engines?

Perhaps it can be done with the Box2D extension by @d954mas ?

This extension looks very rudimentary and I am not sure whether It supports component, game object system, does it?

The extension let’s you work with the physics simulation, bodies etc purely from Lua.

It would not be optimal since I would not be able to fully use the editor. Is there another method or extension I can try?

Yes dynamic is slow but if you change the Scale on the physics settings to .1 or .2 it will move a lot faster.

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I tried it and the debugger said that physics scale must be between 0.01 and 1 and it was clamped. It was 1 before and still slow. Any other suggestions?

Have you changed the Gravity Y setting? After changing the scale, I start playing with this setting.

I did, it does not really make a big difference since I had to change jump speed according and jump action still takes a lot of time.