Move integrated libraries to one directory (Issue-4156)


Hi, it would be great if it would be possible to reduce list of root app directory:

And move all the libraries to one directory.
For example, like in PHP or Javascript all dependencies are located at /vendor/ or /node_modules/ directory.

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The reason they’re at that folder level is that the resources are addressed at that level.
E.g. /builtins/manifests/android/AndroidManifest.xml.

I think it will be very confusing if those folders are instead located under another virtual folder, but still maintain their actual paths.

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Perhaps an option to hide extensions from the tree view? It certainly pushes down more important folders from the view, so hiding extensions would make sense. Or going even further, add a checkbox to any directory to show/hide it, hiding is turned on/off in the menu.



I guess it is good idea from Sergey.
Because defold extensions will be growing and growing.
It is uncomfortable to navigate through directories, you have to scroll all the time.

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Actual project file tree is more important and more oftenly used compared to dependencies. I think it makes sense to at least display it first, just how intellij idea does: own code first, deps second



I too would like a one button thing to hide libs in the tree since you can have a ton and they take up space while rarely being useful to be there.

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@vlaaad can you please create a ticket so that we don’t lose track of this idea?

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It might be useful to be able to collapse certain folders into the list too since some devs download the libs they use.

Having a per project editor config file like editor.project next to game.project would be useful!



Added issue #4156