More flexible labels and generating fonts at runtime


Text manipulations are very limited in Defold. At the moment at runtime you can only change a few parameters for a label: colors and size.
But there are so many more options to alter: pivot, line break, font, leading/tracking, blend mode.
Additionally there is no way to generate a new font to change actual font, font size, outline and shadow options.

All of this is needed for a more flexible workflow, where you are not required to duplicate lots of components just to be able to format text. Chat windows, story telling, rich text textboxes, downloaded text with styling, adapting for multiple resolutions.

Can we please have more dynamic texts? I understand it lowers performance (time to regenerate all of this), but it’s better to take a hit with performance than not be able to make the product in the first place.


Most required by me feature for GO labels is changing the font at runtime, just like in GUI. If for European languages we can use one font, then it’s not working for Asian languages, where one language=one font. So for elementary localization to Korean, Chinese and Japanese we need for 3 addition labels with preseted asianfont for the each GO in project and logic for switching beetwen them.


I think we don’t need all these options for labels.

It’s possible to do everything of this using gui component and text nodes.

But I agree with @Dragosha , possibility to change font it’s important feature for localization workflow (I think it’s a part of Resource properties feature)


It’s nice that we have some flexibility in GUI, but GUI is cumbersome most of the time if you already have a game object you don’t want to / can’t refactor as GUI. They render separately (usually on top) and you can’t parent their transform to another game object.