Modify properties from go file


Plz make it so u can scale a game object from a game object file



You misunderstand how a single game object instance works. When you edit a .go file it is edited without a context or scene. The purpose of .go files is to act as blueprint and you edit the components on the game object, not how it is positioned, scaled or rotated when instanced into the world. Modifying the scale of a game object can happen either when added to a collection or when spawned using a factory.

If you want to be able to set the scale of a game object and then use it in a scene with the scale it was given you need to put the game object in a collection. This has no cost. The collection is a container for game objects and will not exist at runtime (although it will affect the path/url of the game object instances). You can add .collection files to other collections by right-clicking in the Outline and selecting Add Collection File. You can also spawn collections using a collection factory.