Message Cant Be Sent?

Hello, I have been attempting to pass a message from a GUI script under one collection to a regular script in another collection. I have used the url checking code in the regular script and it is the correct absolute URL. (main_collection:/background#background). The same message i send to the proxy loadign script worlks fine aswell. If you need anymore information please ask. Much Obliged

Error Script
ERROR:SCRIPT: menus/character_select/character_select.gui_script:17: Could not send message 'player == brawler' from 'character select collection:/go#character_select' to 'main_collection:/background#background'.
stack traceback:
  [C]:-1: in function post
  menus/character_select/character_select.gui_script:17: in function <menus/character_select/character_select.gui_script:5>

Sending Script (character_select.gui_script)

Recieving Script (background.script)

Are you sure the id of that receiving collection is main_collection?

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Try printing out what is returned from an empty msg.url() in all of your scripts.


It should show you exactly what the url of each script is, and you can use it to verify your addresses.


I have used that in the recieving script and copied and pasted the url into the for the script i am trying to send from and it still gives the same error unfortunately.