Menu problems

  1. The menu has three sections,
    -Recent projects
    -Create projects
    -Cloud save projects
    Shouldn’t the “recent projects” be called “local projects” because they never go away even if its a year ago and theres no local save section for all the projects u created in engine??

  2. You should be able to delete and rename ur local projects by right clicking without needing to go in the game settings(rename) or diving into the core c: files to dig out and remove ur project(delete)

  3. (Unessacary) The name project bar in the create project is too small to be noticed it should be slightly bigger or in a stronger color I always forget to name my project(I think this is just because im retarded

5.(unnessacary) there are so many weird button combinations to do certain things in the engine, is it computerly possible for u guy to redo button combinations so its more simplitfied like select nothing and hold and move mouse to move screen in the main panel?it seems like useful things like the copy paste in the tilemap are hidden from users because some people never check for buttons combinations.

Also plz work on supporting more sound types

More tutorials on basic aspects of the game engine components (espically one for kinematic collision many people seems to struggle on that)

These are my ideas about the display of the game engine