Melodrive, an AI adaptive music system


Came across this while browsing the gamedev reddit. An AI music system that lets devs/users with no musical skills quickly create adaptive music in realtime.

Redefining Music with Artificial Intelligence
Melodrive is the first AI music system that composes an infinite
stream of original, emotionally variable music in realtime.

Looks both interesting and promising, I’ve always wanted to create a game based around “adapting music”.

Melodrive is super easy to integrate through either an embeddable SDK or cloud based API.

Hopefully it can easily be integrated into Defold projects through an extension!

Thoughts? I’ve signed up for the alpha test, going to give it a try. Tried the demos too, they were built on unity and were quite interesting.


I wonder what the meaning of AI is here. I doubt it’s really necessary. But it does sound very interesting.


Sounds cool and a little freaky. I’ll have to look into that a bit closer. As a composer I’m prone to not like music being generated, but I can’t help to find it quite interesting and a little cool. Keep us updated on your thoughts though!

Another great music software for adaptive music is Elias which I would love if it could be integrated into Defold. But you still need to create the music, it just helps the programmers and composers making the music more dynamic.