Markdown in the editor

Is there any plan to allow editing of markdown in the editor?

It would be really useful and maybe add an extension to display task lists checkboxes like in git hub markdown?


Still no, and I bump it up, as I also wanted to ask about supporting tables in md, as it looks like web editor is not treating:

 | 1 | 2 |
 | A | B |

as a table. Below is web (left) and text (right) view in Editor:
Screenshot from 2022-05-02 17-01-24

Pinging @vlaaad and @mats.gisselson. @AGulev recently posted an update to this related issue:


As I know, we use webview for markdown parsing and if I remember correctly this is the only thing where we use webview in the editor.

WebView is a pretty big native library that adds about 30 mb to the editor size on macos (it’s compressed, uncompressed it is 70+ mb)

That’s why I posted the link to a lib for MD files rendering. If I’m right and this is the only thing we use webview for, we can save about 10% of the editor size just by replacing webview with this lib (or lib like that)


Would be cool! :sunglasses:

Would be cool indeed. Btw I implemented a markdown viewer in JavaFX once, and one unfortunate consequence of using native JavaFX components for markdown is that you can’t select text :frowning:

We could use uneditable text areas though like we do in some error dialogs, this approach will still have some limitations, e.g. selecting text will be available per text block, not across multiple text blocks.


Is there a possibility with the new language server extension to use something to edit markdown in the editor? Tbh editing the plain text would be enough

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It’s not really related to the language server.
We do have a ticket for allowing to create and edit markdown files in the editor here.
Please upvote!

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