Makehuman in Defold Chronicles


Makehuman at one point was made by some of the same people who created Blender. It’s a free human modeling software that allows you to export FBX, .Dae, and certain other format models. I don’t remember those other formats.


Mixamo is great for free animations but they also have characters.

Mixamo Blender Add-on:

Once the humanoid model has been rigged you can download it as a binary FBX with skin for the initial mesh. Without skin for the subsequent animations you grab.

Mixamo Blender Add-on Tutorial video:

I just want to preface that this video was made by someone else.

I haven’t seen any mention of Makehuman support in these forums. So I will be chronicling my stab at using Makehuman models in Defold here.

It should be noted that Makehuman can be directly plugged into Blender or indirectly exported to it as an FBX.

There is an option to export to the gltf format and I have been able to get a Makehuman model into Defold.

So the workflow I’ve used is:

Makehuman → Mixamo (initial rigging/download) → Blender → Defold

Mixamo (animations /download ) → Blender → Defold

1st Modeling is done in Makehuman
Then the model is exported as an FBX and Rigging is done in Mixamo.
Then that animation is exported as an FBX binary to Blender


Wow! Do you have some example of a working model from Mixamo in Defold? :star_struck:

I was going to post a video here of it but the file size was deemed to big.

This is not a Mixamo model it’s a Makehuman model:
This is the model walking


This is the model walking and jumping


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you will make with it! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for those links. Makehuman was very fun to play around with.

I tried to import a Mixamo character using this guide Blender to Defold 3D animation Guide - The Defoldmine - Defold game engine forum. It’s rendered using Defold PBR extension - Alpha testing - Announcements - Defold game engine forum.

and with different exposure