#MadeWithDefold Jam


@Strash yes, of course! :grin: It would be great if you could share your insights after that experiment as well! :heart:




I already have a couple of examples.

  1. Godot has an inverted coordinate system. This means that the Y axis is pointing down and i don’t like it.
  2. A strange observer system. To receive or send messages (in Godot they are called signals), you need to assign them manually and I also don’t like it, because it forces me to do extra actions.
  3. A huge API and number of nodes that complicates the learning curve.
  4. Unusual approach to GUI design compared to Defold.
    That is all for now :slight_smile:


Hello to all, I join the jam, I will try put a small game but not many levels… as for code dont expect much as I am a beginner so I ll do what I can. I wish to all the best!!!



Don’t worry about a code @Elpidoforos_Gkikas! It’s all about learning! Sharing is caring, and we would love to see any piece of code that could help us learn some new perspectives, it could be useful for anyone at any stage in the future :slight_smile: If you would need any help, don’t hesitate to ask, even with simple questions! We all have been there, so we understand it! :wink:



Ok thanks @pawel.jarosz21 I will try to do what I can, as for help I am the headache of @britzl and @Denis_Makhortov these days. And I try ask all the time. Also because english is not my native language
sometimes I cannot understand meanings in section of learn. Usualy when I see example I understand and by things in forum. Thanks

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Would it be suggested that my first game is going to be for game jam




Hmmm, gotta think on that. Actually, I think I’m already having some ideas. Time to read up on “set_time_step” and controlling FPS in defold in general. Hell, I’ve been meaning to study that anyway, so this might be a good excuse to do so.



I’m in! Never finished a jam but I got hope for this one xP



I will participate as well. Thinking about some cool native extensions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@slimebor, my first published Defold game was also a Jam game :sweat_smile:
@Klear it’s just one message, I’m sure you will grasp it quickly :blush: check also: Glue Time - SHMUP with physics and slow mo
@alex.almeida great! Keeping my fingers crossed!
@gymratgames looking forward for this! :wink:



Except of the code which will not be much I hope not to except much graphics too :smile: as I am not the best in this section too, all I do in photoshop but usualy I need for one at least one hour or more. As for code if I get confused maybe pass days to figure out, I try and change three four times after change again, use print debug too especially this line of code


which is a saver and I think all beginners should use, as many times I send the messages to mars propably and not to a script. But when I manage sth I am content, and I share my progress to forum at least about my game, or as I usualy do search the forum for answers. Sth else from previous jam we can see code too, or is not possible, I saw was written 2 jam were done for defold. Thanks and I wish all the best in this jam I hope to learn more things.



Many of the projects have their repos public on Github :wink:

21 people joined the jam, 2,5 days to go!

I probably have some idea! :smiley:



27 joined now, but still no topics in the itch community. Is everyone pretending they’re not thinking about/working on their game for the next 1 day and 7 hours? :grin:

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I don’t like Itch community features so much, it’s not so convenient, I’d rather like to see people gathering here on forum :blush: and yeah, I started working already on the asset for jam, but stopped during week, I’m gathering all the ideas :bulb: it will be something to help with animations/cutscenes in Defold :100:



I’ve never used itch, so I wasn’t aware that we could post there. I started my entry a few days ago! It’s something nifty for the Asset Portal. Feeling good about it, but after hearing about @pawel.jarosz21’s asset, I may have to boost my scope a bit. :wink:



I will focus on a tool to easily create animations with multiple GOs with 2D animated sprites, so it could be helpful for my game (writing it all in script and testing in game is really time consuming) and then I hope to add a nice export option or output module with a function to play the whole cutscene, but we’ll see how far I will go with this :grin:



So about the game or asset we put on defold forum? or we put on itc h? me never use itch before how must put? and to we put when is finished yes? or must put sth from start? thanks

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To participate in the Jam you will need to upload your project in Itch - but it’s really simple:

  1. Click on your profile icon and then here to Upload a new project

  1. Fill the form, it’s easy as 1,2,3, and upload your zip file (where you zipped the whole folder/catalog that was created from your Defold build):

  1. Click Save and View page in the bottom of the page and see the result - that’s all :smiley:

You can modify your page and upload new builds whenever you like by clicking Edit game and adjust colors and fonts on the page with Edit theme:

You can make a project even right now and upload your project just for testing, and then you will be only editing it and during the jam you will go to the jam page and see a button to Submit your project - whenever you will feel it’s ready, submit your project and in the review period other submitters will be able to vote for this! To win prizes you will additionally need to upload your project on Github or whatever service you like and share it with us, be it your project page or here in the forum, or even better - Defold Asset Portal :slight_smile:



so first I submit to itch and then I submit it to Jam? yes? thanks

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Yes, exactly! The button to submit to the jam will be available on the page tomorrow :wink: Even when you submit your project, you can still modify it after (fix bugs or adjust something :wink: )