#MadeWithDefold Jam


@Strash html5 build is now up for my game on itch. No changes to the code, only needed to figure out how to upload a html5 file :grinning:



The voting period is one week, you can see the countdown on the jam page. Don’t sweat it on the ratings. A) it’s for fun, not a cutthroat competition, B) Ben James is going to win almost certainly =D



Voting is simple - if you submitted a game/asset, you can rate each of other submitted projects in one, generic category (called Awesomeness, but it regards the overall note for the game/asset :wink:). Voting ends in 7.5 day :slight_smile:



does vote is anonymous ? like presidential vote of democracy? or is seems who vote what under the pressure of an axe :upside_down_face:? thanks



Yeah. My game has three ratings and I don’t see from who or what the rating is. At least not right now.



1⃣9⃣ Awesome entries! Almost 100 ratings already! Thank you very much for participating! :heart: Take your time to make your ratings and we will resolve it next week :wink:



if has 19 entries so the max rate will be 19 x 18 = 342 so if we have 100 then has allready vote 1/3 or sth
6 persons . :smile: where are the others !!! :smile:

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Others sleep after the last day of development :slight_smile:

There’s still a week to go, so I think I’ll go through the entries tomorrow.



Totally forgot about posting the project.

itch page has been updated with a link, and here it is:

I don’t know jack about software licenses, so if you are the creator of Defos, Defluid, or Rendercam, please let me know if I need to change something or attribute it differently. I’ve added links in the git readme to those 3 repos as well as directly to their license files.

I’ve also removed all audio files from the project, and re-linked the sound objects to an empty wav file so the project will still build. The audio is unfortunately not freely-available (except to me, as it is mine).



we have 193 votes an average of 11 person, so almost 2/3 of voting, so left 3 days for vote the rest 1/3 of us. Imagine to be eurovision and have to vote through dialing :smile:



2 days to end the jam!

Submitters, if you still didn’t find a time to check the games and assets, please do it, there is only 18 entries to check out and most of them have online playable versions and all of them are really short and fun, so you can check it anytime :wink:

P.S. I will be at the wedding of my wife’s sister on Saturday, so I might be able to check the results only later and then I will prepare prizes and contact with each of you! :smiley:



For wedding @pawel.jarosz21 I wish the best, but remember keep distances , in Salonica done 3 weddings last days and all had problem with this new virus covid-19, I wish all you be ok and healthy , just I am saying in big crowds is a problem, and you @pawel.jarosz21 have twins to take care. Again I wish all good and to be well and healthy I hope not take in a bad way my talking. Thanks



Haha, @Elpidoforos_Gkikas, thanks for your care :wink: it’s a really, really small wedding, only we and parents and we all work remotely and are staying home all the time :smiley:

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good to hear, I wish again all the best, thanks

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Last hours of voting!

Firstly, thank you again for participating in the first game jam I made, all of the submissions are awesome, with great ideas and a lot of fun! :heart:

As this jam rule of thumb is that only submitters are able to vote, please make sure you voted on all of those superb games and assets! :memo:

I will then check the results and according to them in both categories you will gain prizes! As a special thank you message all of the participants will get a special gift from me! :gift:

If you are not on Defold forum I will probably need to reach you via e-mail, so please send me a message at witchcrafter.rpg@gmail.com :email:

Have a nice weekend!



​is the gift sth we can eat from the wedding? for example a piece of cake? :smile:




Looks like you all are having fun! I’ll join the next one for sure!



I made a few notes on each of the submitted games, so here they are, in no particular order:


Bloody hell! It took me quite a while to figure out the mechanics (particularly the detail that the blood golems feed the wave), but finally got a stable run. This game could be really fun with more of everything - more enemy types, more spell, more BLOOD. I especially like the little effect when one of the enemies die.

Bloody good work!

Ship go brrr

This game is trippy! First I died, then I thought I had the handle on things, but those sideways ships are wicked. I don’t think I’ve seen this mechanic in a similar game before. It definitely gets me out of my comfort zone and they absolutely, positively, do go brrr…

Rock Hopper

Lovely graphics, great polish, relaxing gameplay.

The time was never a factor for me (which is a good thing, btw!) though I didn’t even try to get all the collectibles (got only 35 crystals and 3 of the 4 artifacts), I guess things get a lot more tight if you end up going through every inch of every screen.

The gameplay is a little bit too simple, but it’s got great potential. I believe metroid-style unlocks were mentioned? That would be awesome, but it’s still a lovely game as it is.

Space Gunfight

Didn’t have a chance to play against someone, but judging by how well it went when playing alone, it would end up a contest who can kill themselves the fastest.

It’s way too hard to control. I should know. I made a game very similar to this and the main problem was that… it was too hard to control. It’s not a trivial matter - struggle against the controls should be a part of the game, but it’s always better to err on the side of making it too easy, since as the developer you’ll always have an easier time playing it.

The Secret Laboratory

This is nice.

I really like the writing. It’s just a taste, but it feels nice.

I didn’t manage to save anyone.

Or do anything heroic.

But at least I got to listen to some nice music on a record player, so that’s something.

I hope the game didn’t lie when it said it was to be continued.

Beep beep.

The connection is lost.

Rotate Ring

Very professional looking. Very impressive, though at the same time a little off-putting. That’s just me, though.

I wrote a whole paragraph about how the gameplay is too tough, but then I realised the game runs 2.4 times faster than it should, so none of my points apply. And when trying to play it as intended, it suddenly felt sluggish in comparison (I spent at least half an hour trying to beat my record of 3 previously) so at this point I’m unable to say anything objective about it.

What I can say is that I really like the changing background and light/dark mode switch. Changes the mood significantly.

Nonogram game

I couldn’t get it installed for some reason, which is a shame. It looks like it would be fun. I like how it looks, and I always liked this kind of puzzles.


So, I wasted most of the two weeks making this a platformer, with free movement and gravity and stuff. The thing is, I could easily make a the game behave correctly, but I had trouble implementing glitching through walls (which was partially caused by me not knowing exactly how it’s supposed to be working). Either it was not glitching enough or it was a mess. With a day or two left, I decided I was tired of coding and draw up some graphics, inspired by Supaplex and then it hit me that the game would work way better if it was based on grid movement. So I throw all I had out of the window and made what you can see in a day.

And it might have potential, actually. The few levels I threw together don’t allow it, but with low enough frame rate, you can pass by enemies even in a tight corridor. With some way to control the smoothness, the player would be able to trap enemies behind walls, stuff like that. For now, this is all you’re getting. A game about as half-assed as the name I came up with seconds before uploading it to itchio.

Furry Burst

Building your own roller coaster is fun, but the best part of RollerCoaster Tycoon was popping those runaway balloons. Pop! Pop! This game has that, so I’m good. Played long enough to see the animals stop spawning and it was time well spent.

Play on widescreen PC with fullscreen mode for special psychedelic mode.

The Wooter


Survive 60 seconds:

This is great. Love the design, the ticking. The numbers getting stuck at the walls and pose a delayed threat is a nice touch. The game is pretty good at giving you a false sense of security and then crushing you without mercy. The controls are a bit weird with a mouse, but I guess it’s designed for phone. Great job!


I like how you can see a part of the next floor before you use the ladder, so you can get ready for what comes ahead. Fun little game. I only wish the character could jump a little farther. I had this issue with Rock Hopper a bit too, actually. Maybe I just like to jump far.

The music is nice and gives the game a fitting sense of urgency.

I’d love to see slightly lower difficulty, but additional types of obstacles as the game goes on.

Drift Dodge Drive - 3D Drive!

Impressive stuff! The boxes are just unpredictable enough to keep things interesting without being too frustrating. The drift is fun, though it did give me some GTA: San Andreas flashbacks. That one driving school mission sucked. The last one, well, to be honest, I’m disappointed that there’s no way to crash the car. I was hoping to at least be able to make it disappear off the far edge, but no dice.

I think I’ll go mess around with the source when I get the time. The source is available, right?

Oh, and I love the title. Very clever!

Dig Game

This could be fun! I’m not a fan of these progressively more expensive upgrades. It makes the game feel too much like a chore.

It reminded me of this game - that could be an inspiration if you wanted to push the game in a more strategic direction.


Ugh! Yeah, that’s what I think about this game! Ugh! That was such a great game and, I assume, your inspiration? Anyway, half of the games in this jam are unplayable for me on a 144 hz monitor, as they run too fast. I had to switch it to 60 hz mode while playing them. I think this might have the opposite problem? The pegasus was crawling very slowly until I switched back to 144hz. Then it was fine.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the Greek. I had one semester of ancient greek a LONG time ago, and even though I forgot almost everything, I can still read the greek alphabet, if only very slowly. It feels good to decipher the characters one by one and then realize, that’s Knossos! I know that name!


Looks great, even unfinished! I played the Godot version a bit and it’s really nice. The hopping of the keys is oddly hypnotic. I haven’t really figured out what the point of the game is, though. Seems like there’s very little odds of dying accidentally.

What I thought would happen was that different colours of different keys would mean different speeds and maybe other variables when going in that specific direction, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I feel like I’m missing something, but maybe it’s just a simple snake game and I’m overthinking it.

Void Tapper

Very foreboding, very unsettling. I almost gave up just before the ending because I realised it’s not my soul I’m scarificing but my mouse button.

At first I was missing music. No. Not music, more like a hum of endless eons. Maybe some chanting of the damned, but barely audible, just almost present on the unconsious level. Then I realized I’m kinda already imagining the kind of sounds I’m expecting? It was vivid enough for me, anyway.

It reminded me of inspirobot, which has the same sense of foreboding and has you clicking endlessly, but it takes a while before the sinister nature of the website starts showing. And there’s a reward for your clicks, so that’s something. There’s something to be said for just clicking to give your soul away freely for no reward. I finished Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name storyline in Fallen London. I can enjoy this kind of stuff.



Thanks, @Klear! As usual i bit off more than I could chew, and had zero plan going in (check my progress video posted above if you haven’t already to see what i mean…). I plan to continue working on BLOODWAVE at a later time (i need at least another week break) beginning with a massive, massive cleanup and restructuring.



ok to tell the truth ugh is a classic and yes that was the inspiration , i loved this game when played when i was young , now i am a bold greek and not young. :smile: and yes with speed has a problem i do not know how to set in right speed. so goes +1 pixel. As for greek off course is greek and off course you can read them. Are very easy. Also I can give who wants recipes as I am cook also, maybe you want recipe of moussaka. Thanks for your analysis. I hope you enjoyed Pegasus