Ludum Dare 42 - submissions, chatter and the offline event


Ludum Dare is over, let’s share our results!

Here are ours:

I also wrote an article about our experience, you can read it on Medium:






Woah, nice job! I really want an in depth explanation of how you did the intro, it’s super slick! :smiley:


:grinning: Adobe After Effects (source) -> Export a PNG sequence -> PixaTool (batch processing for PNG sequence) -> Drag&Drop into Defold (Atlas, Animation) -> sprite.play_flipbook…


Haha, I thought it was something like this:


That was one cool trick!


better late than never… Part 2 should be up tomorrow or even later today.

There’s a TOC under Show More, if you care only about your own game :wink:


Thanks for the video! You should have started with the first level of our game, it would be easier to understand game mechanics :slight_smile: And you started right from the 3rd one, which is pretty complicated.


i did not realise it was a level selector :wink:


Even though this window has the title “Select Level”? :slight_smile:


yupp. did not help apparently =]


The second part is up:

All those who liked the Reptiloid Simulator but could not understand how to play, it is your chance.
There’s a TOC to easily skip between games.