Ludum Dare 42 - submissions, chatter and the offline event


Here’s a screenshot from our game “No Space In My Stomach”



Behold, hooman! Reptiloid Simulator will reveal the biggest secret of masons and illuminati: space is not infinite. Actually, we’re running out of space. But silly hoomans should never find it out!!


Some Drag&Drop!



Began working on my First idea. Not something special, just a simple game where you complete with other players(or presently bots), nd as you consume them, you grow and grow and the largest player when the time runs out wins.
Here are some ss-


Our game. Idea to control disk space of pc in space station


Hopefully we can get it done… I’ve seriously considered giving up a few times…

Sweatin’ Spinnin’ Spacin’

Video on twitter


don’t give up! Defold requires a bit of a mind switch. You’ll love it after a while :wink:
also: very nice art!


We had kind of a similar idea: a TV series nerd downloads new episodes from Torrent network and has to watch them until the disk is full :slight_smile:


Challenge accepted! :sunglasses:
My game:



compo! this is serious :wink:


My game. (compo, as usual)


fish drawing timelapse:

it’s a pity, that i had no time to draw more complex sprites for flying enemies, but i’ll fix it in postcompo version.


My first game on my first Ludum Dare! Small and simple. Android build only and no AI.


Okay, we did it! We released “No Space In My Stomach”. Meet Stewart, an extraterrestrial snail :slight_smile:


I’m still working on my game :eyes:


We did it. :grinning:


Made a web version with AI (It’s very fast)


Oh, link to LD game.


sooo how are your ratings? Anybody’s getting some tremendously good feedback?
I promised to make gameplay videos for your games, so thinking where do I start :wink:


This finds so far only 5 games. It is cool that we have this thread then :wink:

I think here’s the full list of games #MadeWithDefold for #LD42


We are getting really good and positive feedback, over 70 ratings already. Aiming to get at least 100!