Ludum Dare 42 - submissions, chatter and the offline event


#LD42 starts on August 10th. You can vote for the theme.

I think we had a record for games #madewithdefold at #LD41, but it was so hard to count. So here’s the deal for LD42:

  1. You can post your progress, screenshots, chatter and the shipped games in this thread.
  2. I promise to record letsplays for your shipped LD42 games and post that to Defold Facebook, YouTube and (currently experimental) Defold Instagram IGTV channel.
  3. I’ll be using things you post in this thread for Defold’s twitter, so don’t be shy.

Finally, a little something for those of you in Europe. There gonna be an offline #DL42 event in Minsk, Belarus. So some of you may want to combine exotic vacations with game development, since the country is practically visa-free now. I am actually going!

Happy jamming :wink:


Good luck to everyone participating! I had a blast using Defold for LD41. I am gutted that I will miss this one since I’ll be on a mini holiday, awful timing… Here’s to the next one :wink:


are you all into Compo btw? Or do we have teams who’ll jam instead?

Guess for the jam you’re prepping some stubs and assets… Guess Monarch and Rendercam are on the shortlist. Anything else that you consider mandatory for a quick start with a fresh Defold prototype?


Good luck to everyone participating in advance(X2 good luck for compo participants.) So, ready yourselves, create some shocking games with the power of Defold while enjoying the weekend.
Since I am not good at graphics design, I will go for jam this time, and probably try to make something good this weekend.
And finally, as @pawel.jarosz21 quoted:
"May the Deforce be with you "


Libraries like Monarch or Rendercam are allowed in Compo as well. Jam permits prepared art and music.


The theme for Ludum Dare 42 is: Running out of space


I like the theme so I’m going to participate!


This can be fun :slightly_smiling_face:


soooo, how many platformers about a shrinking game area ? :wink:


That was my first thought, but am doing something different.

Is it only me, but is this not the perfect time to make an mini battle royale? I will not do that, but I really want to see that game.


My ideas were

“a grandma hoarding stuff and you have to position the stuff in the house so the grandma can still do a list of tasks within a certain amount of time”


“post-apocalypse where all fun has been outlawed, you download old anime, manga, music, books, games etc. from BBS and then sell them in black markets and have to manage inventory space” with elements of an “idle” game where you download stuff in real world time / stuff gets sold in real world time / stuff to download from BBS changes over real world time.

but I’m not that hyped to put the effort into making them.

I may mess around with making a LAN based BR this weekend instead. I still want to finish my LOWREZJAM entries too (MUCH more hype for these) which still has 5 days left.

Don’t forget about if you want to make a multiplayer game.


Good luck to everyone participating!

I would totally do a vertical jumper where you jump on the space key and only have a limited amount of jumps… see, running out of space… clever right?


I don’t know if this is fun, but it’s a start:


I like it! Maybe transition the colors of the small circles from blue to red as they become hazards?

I can see this idea working as a multiplayer game too. Hazards of your color drop behind you. They can kill you or enemies.


I am just out of ideas for this topic :confused: . Initially I too thought for a single player offline BR-type game, but since I am working alone, and with no graphic creation exp :slightly_frowning_face: , I don’t think it will be possible in 72 hours. So, will probably create the menu part today and leave the rest to tomorrow…


Tried the color transition, but it looked ugly :frowning:

Will try to add multiplayer or something similar


Here is a concept for a BR. Zero code for it yet but thinking about how to do everything. For the eye of the storm, I think a distance field texture / shader would work to scale it and have it look crisp or maybe just a pure shader on a render target.


:astonished: This is fantastic…Good luck with your project.


Believe it or not a 3D BR is possible to make in Defold too. I might try that after I get the 2D version functional.


Test on using a df shader on a sprite. The sprite looks like this


This can be then used to generate a mask for the foggy/non-foggy areas.


the first screenshots are in. I love it. Do we have more spinning cubes and rotating squares so far? :wink: