Ludum Dare 40 Dec 1st-4th - teams, projects, chatter


Ludum Dare 40 is coming December 1st-4th weekend. Here’s a forum thread to discuss it, share your games #MadeWithDefold, find a jam buddy or look for one.

Sooooo be sure to post here if

  • You’re considering to participate
  • You need a buddy (art, code, sound, smth else?)
  • Or you’d love to join someone for the weekend jam

Any let the #LD40 help fresh teams and nice games see the world =]
We’ll try to do some SMM for the cool games #MadeWithDefold

so far #LD40 harvest for Defold is 8 cool games:

Or did we miss anything or anybody?


I’m in, as usual. Only compo, only hardcore :slight_smile:

Defold+Photoshop+CASIO CTK-2400.


Hey! I will participate on this LD with <3 Defold <3

Want to see what the games our Defold community can do just in 2 days :wink:

Good luck, guys


I’m planning to produce something for LD40. The last theme stumped me so hopefuly this one will be better :rofl:


I will participate if I like the theme!


Don’t be obsessed with theme, or name, just make a game.
Many years ago, i’ve persuaded my cousin, that when he saw a “S” on the map in a game, it shows the way to our town (Sarapul), and he many times tried to reach it in GTA. So… the theme- is just a word, and you only must persuade players, that all the game is around the Theme :slight_smile:


That’s been a pitfall for me in the past because most of the time the themes I’m most excited for don’t get picked.


Hi! I’m game designer with large skills in develop games on construct 2/3. And now I want to learn programming in DEFOLD with a good specialist or team. :grinning: (I’m afraid to coding :sob: ) Also I can create a game graphics and sounds.


This will be my second LD in general and the first one with Defold! I hope I will not be stuck on coding :scream: Good luck to all! :upside_down_face:


Unfortunately I wont be able to attend this time :frowning:
Have fun guys and make some great stuff!


Nice =] We’ll get some games #MadeWithDefold to play at #LD40

Also a friendly reminder. Or two…

  1. there’s a #gamejames channel at to quickly synch when jamming
  2. there are some WIP templates that may help you quick-start your Defold project:
  3. do add #defold or #MadeWithDefold when jamming, if care for us retweeting you a bit =]


So I guess it is less than 24 hours to start, so may be time to get excited at =]
The final rounds of voting for the theme is here:


There’s a few interesting themes being voted on right now. I hope I have some time this weekend to create something if the theme is right.


If everything goes as planned, I’ll be joining this weekend! :nerd_face:


Theme: “The more you have, the worse it is”

I can think of a few games around that theme. Now I only need time…


Germinator is my attempt at something for LD40. The aim of the game is to zap spreading germs with a laser before they take over completely. It’s not terribly original or enjoyable yet but the core gameplay is working.

How’s everyone else getting on?



You could probably make this into a puzzle game where each germ you popped also grew adjacent cells so you would have to pop the germs in the right order to clear the board.


I have an idea and an empty project… Hope to code tonight!


Finished my effort. Well, as far as I want to take it.

Have a go - I guarantee it’ll hold your attention for upwards of 30 seconds :rofl:


Not going for the 72h jam instead?