Ludum Dare 40 Dec 1st-4th - teams, projects, chatter


Nah, I’m not in love with the game - it doesn’t have enough portential to warrent another day on it!


Hey! We did this little thing for the LD jam this weekend using Defold:


It’s my second time using Defold now, and I’m starting to like it more and more! It crashed a few times, but other than that it was a pleasant experience :slight_smile:

Anyway, the game idea is to build an automated recycle plant and uh, make a profit or something(?). We only managed to build conveyor belts and item splitters, but we wanted to make it a bit more sim city-esque where you would build different types of material processors / furnaces that converts materials into energy or sub-materials that is needed to run the facility, factory workers that would run the machines, paid contracts from the city that you could accept in order to generate cashflow etc. But for a ~24h game it’s pretty fun :slight_smile:

Here’s the LD site:


At end of LD40 I have the little game about… leprechaun rapper?


keep em coming!
kaaaaming =]


Result of our (@titkov.epicstar , @azotkirill and me) first LD:


I didn’t have much time but I started making a top down game about zombies and humans. The more humans you have, the worse it gets (zombies spawn faster). Not really playable, without a clear goal and more of a prototype than anything else:


Link not working?


Sorry, updated link.


so far #LD40 harvest for Defold is 8 cool games:

Did I miss anything or anyone?


I think that this is the most accurate mobile game simulator I have ever seen. Now I need therapy.


Submitted my game two hours before the end of the term! It’s my second game made with Defold in three days. Creating the first one took about one and a half months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, here it is




Fixed a community page for DumpyDump, along with a HTML5 playable+keyboard controls;


Call me Trash King! Or… Don’t.


You’ve nailed the icon on that match three game, but “Shoot & Loot” demands a screaming (or at the very least frowning) dude on the cover! :smiley: