Ludum Dare 39 and #CoronaDefoldJam this weekend



Anyone may have a workaround?


@Oleg_The_Evangelist should answer this


This is precisely what we’ll be doing. We’re not even started polishing yet! I also don’t appear to be able to build to HTML5 so might be making a forum post about that soon…


oh noes, what’s wrong with html5?


ideally, or indeed, the way we hope it would work, that after you upload an early build of your game, you get lots of feedback by itch community. The reality shows that Defold forum seems to be more alive/helpful in terms of feedback. Lets hope the voting process votes better at

What I suggest you do is to try to polish/improve the game till the end of the jam and update the game page at in order to get better score/more chances to win something.

Also you may want to spend the two weeks to build a small community around your game so you get more votes when the jam ends. It may sound like lots of development and marketing work, but this is also a nice rehearsal for shipping the finished game. Just on a smaller scale and with somewhat lower stakes.


Thanks so far.

So whats happening at the deadline? Will the submitted project be locked until the voting is over to prevent guy how constantly upload and improve the game?


It complains that it the URL to the orthographic camera (by britzl) returns a 400 when I try to do a HTML5 build.


yes. That is my understanding.


Corona 11 / Defold 7 :frowning:

Common! There is just about 1 week left!



I will add my game this weekend :slight_smile:


Just seen 10 days until next update on the homepage so I’ll have to try get a build out on someone else’s machine :slight_smile:


Damn, getting the build issue on osx too. This makes creating a build slightly tricky!


Hmm, on OSX as well? That’s not good. Anyone else getting this issue?


I’ve just managed to get someone to try on Windows. Same error there too, I guess it’s not an editor issue but somehow something up with our project?


Can you please share the project with me ( and I’ll take a look as well.


Sure, it’s at


Bundling to HTML5 works for me on Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6 (16G29))

What if you download a fresh version of Defold and try it from there? Also perhaps delete the hidden .defold folder from your user’s home folder.


there was one Unity game under Corona cover. Also one of the Corona games have been for ages in development. So current stats:
5 more days to go for #CoronaDefoldJam
221 joined. 17 entries: 9 Corona, 8 Defold

So who’s shipping this week? =] @LosJustos, @chvckd and more?


Really? CHEATER! :wink:


@sven and I are making a game! Teaser: