Ludum Dare 39 and #CoronaDefoldJam this weekend


Monday score is 5:4 -
And Coronians are winning!
We. Can. Do. Better! #shipit

Also one more games event has contributed tickets to participants. Guess in autumn we should talk to even more events.


And here’s a plot twist:

Are gamedev event tickets good as prizes for the jam?

(also looks like two Corona entires violate terms for the jam, so we’ll remove them later on)


I am thinking about a tiny idea for the #CoronaDefoldJam. Maybe I’ll join :wink:

And by the way: WE are #Defolders! We will win this! :slight_smile: *HOUAH!


Hopefully there will be another. I don’t have the skill to build something interesting quite that fast (I know, I’m a tortoise programmer). I could make something simply close to a game, but I want to hone my skill a gig (Hah) more to not make any false promises. Also, family is moving, so I’ve been quite busy. When I get something interesting I’ll start a devlog here on the forums.


So Defolders, I am on it (not joint official), but I am at the project called “Food Rescue”. I am on it since 2 days now.
I thinking about ending this at 72h (Ludum Dare Jam-Rule).

Screenshots? Sure:



ITS DONE! I AM IN! :wink: #202

Yes, finally I’ve joined the #CoronaDefoldJam with my Entry: Food Rescue

After the City “running out of power” (powergrid is down) its on YOU, Paul, to save all the food before it becomes rotten. And dont “run out of power” ähem… callories :wink:



paul says 4


Yay, nice going Stephen! Interesting start you’ve got. Could use some gameplay polish, but great work in short time :smiley:

Found a hack though – as soon as you tap left/right while going up- or downwards (or vice versa), the calorie meter stops counting.



Thanks @Axel :slight_smile:
Nice to hear you like it :slight_smile:

HACKER! :wink:
Found a glitch hm? Seems I have to optimize the input stuff.
Truely I have because if you change direction the animation stops. Never noticed the hack/bug you said.
“BUG-01 callories-hack” :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting and recording!

You said polish. Any suggestions? :wink:


Gameplay-wise, it feels sort of “random” – maybe I don’t get the full concept, but I didn’t feel as if I had any real objective rather than randomly running around hoping you’ll find food. Also, the big guy in the top-right corner covered a big part of the screen. But like I said – nice going for such a short amount of time :slight_smile:


I really love random-stuff and games :slight_smile:
But I think I know what you mean.

The objective is to save all food as fast as possible! Food will become rotten. A timer is running. You get more points as faster as you are.

Game ends if you have found all foods or die in case of “fatness” or starving.

I am on a small menu and “score-screen” at the moment and a new map. Also new maptiles to have a little more variety.

Hoping to find food and searching it - thats the game :slight_smile:

I agree the guy top right is a little big too big :slight_smile: Its just to see how it is about your figure and see your “body-status”

The game you’ve seen is made in about 72h (spread over a week).


I am thinking about a random (procedual) level …
Idea: Using the tileset-editor to build some buildings as templates and store them via script in a table.
At game-start tilemap will be filled randomly with these template-buildings. Not sure. just an idea to have it more randomly and not going to be boring so fast



Had a few minutes today to work on and fixed your little hack :wink:
Also “Paul” right-top is a bit smaller now



207 participants, 15 submissions, 17 days to go. Time to ship, people. Time to ship the playables!


oh no!
Corona 9 entries, defold just 6!




Impossible!!! Developers tend to wait until the very last minute. I expect a hurricane of submissions when there is less than 24 hours left.


that 9:6 score makes me nervous!
so I inspire Defold participants share demos early




Where are all the great Devs?

Grab your favorite Graphic-Suite, hack your keyboard and create a game to defeat the CORONIANS! :wink:


Wanne try? (playable and downloadable):

direct html:


As I am new to GameJams I like to know if there is something I have to note about at the “end”.

  • I’ve joined
  • I’ve uploaded my Project
  • I’ve updating my Project

Is there anything else to know/make at the end of dev-time? Something to do?
What will happen? Will my Project be “locked” by until the voting is over?

May someone with more experience explain me the whole procedure?