Ludum Dare 39 and #CoronaDefoldJam this weekend


Anybody though about jamming at #LD39? We suggest you also apply for that shares the theme with Ludum Dare and lasts two months so you can improve your game.

We’re befriending the Russian and the international community, two somewhat rival game engines, and highlighting Lua as a programming language for game development. Our goal is to bring everyone together with an opportunity to showcase their greatness. This is a lofty goal which we’re attempting to reach.

Join the jam and share the results! It should be fun. And we also have some small prizes and an opportunity to showcase your game at a gamedev event you potentially haven’t been to.


64 joined!


Hope you’ll have a great time. Unfortunately I cannot participate this time(weekend occupied and 2 month dedic is way too much for me atm), but I hope something similar will be up soon again.


Our jam lasts till October. Join at any time =]

102 participants in the meantime!


I’ve just joined us up :). Don’t know how much we’ll manage to get done but we’ll sure try!


I’m there! gogo!


139 joined! Now now there’s a decent idea that we have.

If someone is brave enough to share an early build for the feedback, we’ll try to ask streamers/youtubers to make something of it. Could lead to invaluable feedback on the early stages. Makes any sense?


:smiley: coming soon.


Hey all. I, too, have joined the jam. As someone who has never made a game before, and has no training in anything game related (i did do music and sfx for a few flip phone mobile games, and a couple early iphone games way back…), I am not planning anything innovative or groundbreaking. Just hoping to make a fun game.

I posted more info on the itch forum here:



@ryanscottlandry, that looks great! Loved Choplifter, really looking forward playing this one :slight_smile:


With current 190 participants #CoronaDefoldJam is bigger than the official game jam of Gamescom. This is awesome I think.

So those who hasn’t joined yet, please take a look at the current early submissions and join the fun! You have 30 more days.

We have more prizes than initially, and now I am adding Casual Connect and IMGA as partners to the jam page.


@Oleg_The_Evangelist what does it means “you have 30 more days”? for submission? to prepare? when will be the jam? Which rules etc?
After the submission time is over the jam starts? whats the time for coding?

Oh is it right the jam already started and there are 30 days left until jam is over?


Oh is it right the jam already started and there are 30 days left until jam is over?



Defold sponsored the Gamescom jam last year which is what he was referring to this jam having more people joined. Ludum Dare 39 happened last month. People have been able to work on their games since it started.

You have until September 30th 2017 at 1:59 PM to submit your games! At least according to the jam page… in the description it says



I guess I should have posted just a single link to click =]

click click click <<<<< the link to the jam page, rules, dates, prizes et al.


I am just asking (stupid). Never joined a jam in the past.

So its “just” coding a game until 1st of October? Until this date I could join anytime? In worst case 1 min before end and pomote my game coded (for this event)? And the rules are just the theme?

so its just fun :slight_smile: noone checks the code and way all this had done etc? Anyone just posting a new coded small game thats all? After the end-date there are 2 weeks for all the coders to vote for any game.

but what if anyone has a finished game in his pocket (never released) and he’ll join with this? Arent there too many ways to manipulate that contest?


Well, that would be cheating and go against the idea of a game jam. The whole idea of a game jam is to created the game during the period of the jam with the restrictions set by the jam rules. Often it’s ok to bring utility code and other prior work, but submitting an entire project that was created before the jam is not.

Now, when there are prizes involved I guess people will try to find ways to cheat and I honestly don’t know if/how anyone will spend time doing background checks on submissions.


I really like the idea of it. Realizing a small project in a given time with a “target”, a theme. Nice kind of competition also.

I just try to say that there will be always some guys who’re cheating or not? Those guys are everywhere in life. cheating in a game is also taking its fun.

Maybe I’ll join a / this jam. But I got so many other stuff do acually… dont know where to find the time for :frowning:


The game jam is fun =] Why join to cheat?

Really, we had someone joining with their Unity game that even was in a soft launch. Obviously we removed them.


We’re still working on something, it’s been slow going but hopefully we’ll get something together. Our most basic mechanisms are in place now, I’m just working on AI collision avoidance (detection works). Once the AI works and we have some assets in place that I haven’t stolen from defold examples I’ll try to get a demo going :slight_smile: