Luajit marked as Trojan by antivirus


I have downloaded Defold again after a long time and I can’t run it anymore. As soon as I launch defold.exe I get this notification from the antivirus (McAfee), where luajit is detected as a trojan and deleted. I’m

The editor then opens, but of course it can’t run anything.

I’m sure this is a false positive, but how do I solve this? I haven’t seen anything similar in this forum.

Have you tried whitelisting it? I don’t use McAfee myself but I would try following this guide. You could disable the antivirus temporarily, extract a fresh Defold, whitelist the relevant file, then start up the antivirus again.

I’ve actually ran into this on Friday, after taking a bit of a break from Defold. I thought they probably installed a more aggressive antivirus at work and that’s what caused it, since I didn’t have any issues previously.

I was able to whitelist it, thankfully. And the detection name in the screenshot looks familiar. I’m pretty sure that’s the one I got.

Thanks for your answers. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to whitelist it.

The laptop I am using has several settings, including most of the antivirus-related things, that are blocked by my work administrator.