Luajit 2.1 memory allocator issue

While lurking around love2d, I noticed that they mention a luajit 2.1 memory allocation issue for Arm64.

Are you guys aware of this? There’s also a bug report here:

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We don’t use the JIT part of LuaJIT on several platforms that don’t allow it/support it, e.g. iOS and consoles.
We do however use the LuaJIT library as its interpreter is faster than the vanilla 5.1 one.

That said, no I didn’t know about that particular issue.
In general, I’d say the library works well, and if an issue arises from it, we’ll have to deal with it.

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I’ve run some tests on my M1 Pro and I’m not seeing that issue since Defold is still not native on Apple Silicon.

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On macOS, we also set the base pointer address iirc, in order to make sure that the LuaJIT address range would fit. (At least we used to, and it should be possible again I think)