Luac not bundled in bundle (DEF-3824)


In my project there is a lua, ui_utils.lua, will be referenced from main.collection and another collection that is excluded, when bundle process finished, I checkout the report.html and cannot found ui_utils.luac


I try to create a simple project to repeat this problem, but everything went well in simple project.


How do you require the module?


this is main.collection, debug_view.gui_script require ui_manager.lua, and ui_manager.lua require
button.lua, and button.lua require ui_utils.lua
and scheduler.collection is excluded, ui_utils.lua also required indirectly from scheduler.collection


Maybe I have to send my original project to you to debug this issue.


@gerrykwok7 Please share the line of code where you require ui_utils.lua. If you do not require it or require it in an unsupported way* it will not get included in the application bundle.

  • = Unsupported way:
    local ui_utils = require("ui" .. "_utils")


This is how I require the module.
main.collection -> debug_view.gui -> debug_view.gui_script -> ui_manager.lua -> button.lua -> ui_utils.lua


Hmm, is the bundled project working or is it actually missing that file or is it just the build report that is wrong?


It crashed on Android.


Later on, I will upload a sophisticated project to help you debug this issue


The zip of my project is 20.7MB large, and it is automatically canceled when uploading

#12 (4.9 MB)

The Dependency is above. ui_utils.lua <- button.lua <- ui_manager.lua <- debug_view.gui_script <- debug_view.gui <- main.collection


Tried it locally here, and it definitely seems to have something to do with excluding collections with live update. Pinging @Johan_Beck-Noren :eyes:


scheduler.collection is excluded from main.collection


Added a issue for this so we can continue investigating; DEF-3824


Is this the same case like this post?