Longer build times when switching between Android and Debug?


I’m wondering, is there a way to avoid the full rebuild when switching from Android to Debug and vice-versa? If I modify one lua script and rebuild after building for a different platform the entire game must rebuild. I’d like to avoid this since my build times are lengthening over time (my game is getting fairly content-rich.)



No easy way right now. We need some kind of build texture cache system.

You could potentially use bob bundle to maintain multiple versions of the project folder to sync the project assets and keep the target build assets as they are for the specific target type but that would be lame. :slight_smile:



The problem isn’t that the textures aren’t cached, it’s that we have two build systems (editor and bob.jar) which handle things a bit differently. And on top of that, we don’t separate built content on a per platform basis.

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This should be easy to do when using bob at least.

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