Load different render scripts dynamically?


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I have 2 custom render scripts, materials and everything. How can I load 2 different render setting dynamically? For now, I have to switch render setting under bootstrap section.

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You could move your render script code into Lua modules, require them and switch depending on use case.

I’m doing this in my work in progress render script library Lumiere: https://github.com/britzl/lumiere



I want to ask one thing, is there a way to use the Rendercam library at the same time? I probably can’t do without the rendercam library.



I’ve been meaning to do a new take on this and tackle the problems in isolation. Having a way to simply swap out the render script is worth a lot on its own. I’ll try to work on it this weekend.

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It’s an absolutely perfect approach, I wish you a lot of success with programming and thank you again. :smile:

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I started working on a library for swapping out render script content at run time. It’s not very fancy but it gets the job done. Have a look: