Live Update Question

I have been using reszip to try to get live update working.

To the point where I took main from the example project in reszip to try to get it working. I can download the resources file just fine. But it constantly fails on the verification of the hash.

Even when I use the example project itself in the reszip project to build by own it gives the same error.
I could not find any information what I could be doing wrong in the Live Update manual.

Note: The live update is using the .Zip process not Amazon.

Min Build Project Files:

Take a look at this issue by @sergeysinyavsky and the related issue in the engine.

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Thanks, So it is an issue in the engine than? Is there a recommended version to go back to at this point to get it working? Since this version just released I am not expecting 1.4.7 to be out anytime soon.

We release a new version every month, and it should be a relatively simple fix. Let’s get some input from @JCash.

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Download and use the previous version, i.e. 1.4.5 - Release v1.4.5 - stable · defold/defold · GitHub

Downgrading to 1.4.5 did work for the live update. I didnt notice any features in 1.4.6 that I would miss right now so I am going to go forward with that. Thanks everyone.

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Thanks to @aglitchman, a PR has now been merged into dev and it will be part of the beta release on monday.
It was a silly mistake on my part, but it also shows that we need to write some more integration tests for this system. I’ll make sure to do that during my current refactor of the liveupdate system.