List of some things after first look that can be improved


Hello guys

I have passed five tutorials with homework, it’s not so much I know :hugs: . But anyway I thought that I could share some thoughts about what can be improved in Editor. It’s all about my previous experience with XCode, VSCode and Unity may be, but it seems to me really useful.


  • Don’t exit from the fullscreen mode on macOS when Esc key has been pressed. Editor exits the fullscreen mode every time when I’m trying to close autocomplete menu or search query pane by Esc key. It’s very annoying.

  • Tab switching by Cmd/Ctrl+1,2,3… like in Chrome. It’s not so important, but many people asked for it and I’d like it too :slight_smile:

  • Hide/show all the current panes by zoom trackpad gesture on macOS (like in Unity). Or at least just a shortcut. Whoosh and the scene/code editor fills all the space, whoosh and it comes back.

  • Fn+F6/F7/F8/F10/F11/F12 on macOS is really hard to press because it requires both hands. I often need to hide the console when it appears after building. Unfortunately, I have not enough screen space for coding with the console.

Input binding

  • Set the input triggers by pressing real keyboard/mouse/joystick triggers can be better way. Scrolling and selecting an input in a long list is not very comfortable. Or at least add a quick search by the first letter.

Scene editor

  • Sometimes I want to reset a zoom to 100% to see how the scene looks 1:1 while I edit it. But there is no shortcuts to do it.

  • It would be great to see updated go/node position in the Properties pane when you are moving it. I mean before you drop it. This is useful for more accurate alignment in the scene.

Code editor

  • Cmd + [] for correcting the tabs like in any another code editor.

  • When you press Tab in beginning of the row – automatically add 2-3-4 tabs when it needed for right code formatting is great option.

  • Transform selected text like [s] to “[s]” when press key is much comfortable than manual correction.

  • Autocomplete (or any other) message_id (or any other) sentences with quotes “ on the end if there is quotes on the beginning. So you just need enter ", select an autocomplete item and that’s all – the closing quotes adds automatically.

  • Autocomplete function arguments and local variables. For example: dt in update, message_id in on_message, etc. Is it possible or it conflicts with some Lua factors?


  • Highlight the code in the Markdown preview. Tutorial’s code blocks will be easier to read in this way.

  • It looks like something is missing in the Colorslide tutorial. It says “just resize the button”, but the buttons in the pictures look like they use Slice9 and it’s not described in the tutorial so I had to go to the manual.

Thank you guys for reading. Finally I started to learn Defold after two years of passive observing. Woo-hoo :joy:.



Brilliant! Thank you for the feedback!

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I totally agree with that:

Regarding fitting the scene to the screen there is “F” key shortcut, did you try it? :wink:

This is also really cool! :

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Yeah, I use “F” to fit the scene. I meant the 100% pixel perfect zoom that usually happens when you press Cmd/Ctrl+0 in other editors :slightly_smiling_face:

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