Linker and matcher example - change board size



I would like to ask if you see any possibility to scale linker example from britzl repo

I was trying to make it smaller and changed block.go to (792 Bytes) changing dimensions and position of collision components, but it’s not working that way - block are falling, standing on the ground, and on the first line of blocks, but then second line starts to fall through below line :confused: Should collisions work in any scale? Is it falling too fast? Or some other reason? I’ve succeded scaling down with another example that doesn’t use collisions, but I want to try with this :wink:

Moreover - do you think it is convenient to make such example in GUI? I would like to make the board factored in many different positions in the world but in that case it is hard for me to get properly an input and select a block - I’ve tried with rendercam screen_to_world_2d, but not succeded - If you would have any ideas, I can describe it in details :wink:


It should be possible to change dimensions, but I haven’t tried. The project was made as an experiment to see if it was possible to solve the problem using collision objects. Not sure it makes sense really.