Lifeless space - my first Ludum Dare submission


I want to proudly present you my first ever submission to Ludum Dare jam:

L I F E L E S S __ S P A C E

Lifeless space is a puzzle, where every move has the highest price - your life. You are an unprescribed form in a journey through the space. There are other bodies, that you can interact with, depending on your color - draining their elements, making them grow, freeze or move.

Right after UDGJ#1 Pixel Art Witchcrafter release I was hoping to join LD too and fortunately I finished one hour before the end of the jam - at 2:00 in the day of my birthday! :smiley:!

As it seems to be interesting for people I hope to add more levels and progress the story :smiley:

Try it out and rate on: :wink:



Happy Birthday man!!



Happy birthday and… interesting game-idea :slight_smile:

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Lol the guiding words in the magenta one rhymes

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I’ve made a walktrough:

Do you think it is not so embarrassing as I feel? :smiley: