Lack of tutorial using version 2 of the editor


Also tutorials for beginners that are using version 2 of the editor. Text and video tutorials would be awesome.


Have you seen the manual on the main areas of the editor?


There are a couple of tutorials accessible from the editor 2 start screen. More to come. See


Doh, I misread your question. I guess you weren’t asking for tutorials on how to use the editor, but rather beginner tutorials created using editor 2… Well, @sicher gave you a good answer to that question :slight_smile:


@britzl Yes exactly. I like gamesfromscratch for instance. Even his tutorial use version one. The version have just enough differences to be distracting to learning. I will look to the links provided. Thank you.


And let’s say you are coming from love2d. Grasping the editor and game object concepts, collections etc… On top of the different all though not drastic editors in a tutorial is confusing.


Once you are comfortable, you should consider writing a Love2D to Defold transition guide to help others wishing to learn Defold from Love2D.


Check out the new Walking Astronaut tutorial that is intended to cover just that. It’s available from the editor welcome screen.


I also clarified in the tutorials list what tutorials are old:


Will have a go at those, thanks.