Keystore file - .jks / .keystore

I’m coming from Solar2D, and all my apps were signed with a certificate with extension .keystore (certificate_name.keystore).
Reading the doc of Defold I found that Defold need .jks files to sign their apps. So, my question is: Defold support signing certificates in .keystore format?

You could always try to convert it to a jks file (make sure to make a backup first).

But Defold uses .keystore for apk signing: Defold development for the Android platform

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I also read that entry, but in another place I read that I should create the jks file.

Maybe that was used for earlier versions. Now just .keystore is enough. I’m using it.

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Thank you @Chung_Xa

Could you please share where you saw this so that we can update the documentation?

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Sure @britzl
In this page, below the Creating a Keystore title there are a reference(link) to a forum post about creating the keystore. The post is this:

That post talk about android application bundles and says that you need to create the jks file in order to sign your apps.

Ah, yes, the information is slightly outdated. But .jks and .keystore is the same type of file. Both are keystore files.

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