Java PrivelegedActionException : Unknown (SOLVED)


Just got a new error wwhen building again for android, or any platform in that case.
After this error it shows error in opening zip file.
Looks like all errors have a fatal attraction towards me :cry:


Does this happen when you bundle an empty project for Android? Does this happen when you bundle for desktop or HTML5? Can you paste the entire error from the console?


Do you have any more information on the error? Can you take a screenshot?

Reminds me of a similar error I recently looked into, but not 100% the same? Unknown error in opening zip file



I tried building an empty project today but it bundled perfectly.
And here is the sceenshot :

200% the same. :stuck_out_tongue:


What folder do you bundle to on your computer?


Can you please Report?


If that is the case, the previous issue was due to a library zip being corrupt. I solved it by opening and deleting the contents of the <project_folder>/.internal/cache directory… Could you try that? (I would recommend you backing up your project before doing this if anything goes wrong. :wink: )


I tried deleting the cache and finally the error has stopped popping up.
Just one more thing, what is the expected build time for a 400mb project. It has just been at building engine for 2 hours now, and counting?


400Mb!!! What does the 400Mb consist of?


NVM I was able to build it :sunglasses:. Thanks @sven for your idea