Issues using Visual Studio Code

So, i don’t even know if i can ask this kind of help here, so im already appologizing.
recently i decided to learn how to create my own games. i use some video lessons
and the guy said to use VS Code.

i wrote the same things that he made but it seems that im writing the worng code
(i never used VS Code btw)
i also dont know what this yellow line means.

im i using the wrong extentions?
please i tried everything

Yellow lines are just warning because those are Defod global functions.
What you need to do is open settings.json in VSCode and add following:

"Lua.diagnostics.globals": [

and it should no longer treat them as undefined globals.

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You don’t need to use VSCode to write scripts in Defold, but it has a lot more features than the built-in editor. If you do want to use VSCode, there are some extra steps involved to make it play nice with Defold: