Issue closing a webview on Android (SOLVED)


Hello, I have a link opened with webview that has POST data and I cannot find a way to close it and go back to the game.

Edit 1: All on_input() captured in the parent gui doesn’t seem to work, android back button is unresponsive…It’s like user has left the game and can’t go back

Edit 2: Further testing with webview.eval, I included a button on my webview that users can press to trigger webview.eval() in my script but it fails almost immediately the webview runs even without user action…Can someone shed some light on how webview.eval is supposed to be used

Platform is Android.
Kindly assist.



I’ve created an example that leverages the iac.* module to detect a click on an application link (typically used to launch an application from a webpage) to close the webview:



What about detecting the Android back button and making it call the IAC link?

When a webview opens on Android there is a back button visible, I want to be able to detect it (and close the webview).