Is Vulkan going to be an extension?


Just saw the new extension on github. I guess it will require v 1.2.171?

Can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes, the plan is to “release” it as an extension next release.
You can in fact already use it, since we’ve been testing it for a while.
Now we want our community to test it as well, so that we can find any odd cases where it doesn’t work as intended.

Some notes:

  • We support Metal for iOS/OSX using MoltenVK (a Vulkan->Metal wrapper)
  • The extension merely handles the “linking” with the correct libraries, adding a vulkan backend.
  • It does not come with a full new rendering api for the render scripts. That is on the roadmap though.
  • If vulkan isn’t supported on your platform, it will fallback to the OpenGL version (if you didn’t remove it with an app manifest)


Just curious; do we expect to(or did you) see any performance improvements on Metal platforms?

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Tbh, I don’t really expect to see a performance gain, due to the fact that we do things the “opengl way”, in order to simply have a Metal backend. I.e. we have our internal “dmGraphics” api, and we now have two backends for it.

I think in the future, when we have a render2 renderscript, which allows you to do things the “vulkan way”, it will open up for more improvements.

I don’t remember if @jhonny.goransson saw any performance gains with this current implementation.



Our Vulkan implementation has been tested by engineers from both ARM and Samsung and we got excellent feedback and very good remarks on our implementation. We’re in a good place once we decide to create a new render API.



Oops I’m a bit late to the party, but no not really any performance gains right now since we are forced to shoehorn the layer within the current rendering API which is very much based on how OpenGL is designed. I hope to get around to build a more modern API around vulkan where you should be able to gain a bunch of performance. However, one benefit right now is that you get access to a bunch of new shader features since we have to upgrade the shaders in the pipeline in order to cross-compile the glsl to spirv.