Is there any in-game debuggers / loggers?

Is there something that can, preferably with one simple call, log something to the game screen. Currently I’m using the debug text to draw everything, (specifically debug-draw) and it’s a bit of a mess, because it’s sometimes hard to see what the text actually says, and things could get in front of the text and such. Has anyone come up with a good solution for this? Thanks <3

You could draw it in a gui scene set to render on top (using gui.set_render_order). Or you could use DearImGUI to create your own in-game logging window:


Dear ImGui comes to the rescue! @britzl made an extension for Defold for this! (Edit: I’m few minutes late to the party) :sweat_smile:

Check out how it is used in an open source boilerplate by Critique Gaming, it might be exactly what you need :wink: