Is there any example of online game created in Defold Engine?

I’m new to defold. I am searching through the net to find engines which are capable of creating multiplayer games in easy way. It’s a part of my programing task at collage. I’ve already “mastered” Unity and Godot engines for that purpose. They have high level api for that, which im fond of. I just need to create simple games like tic tac toe over the network…
I found a defnet library by britzl, which can help me to achive my goal:

Is there any example of a game that I can learn from ? I know, there are examples of a server and client, still there’s no game based on this. I don’t know if I’m capable to understand it.
If not defnet then what? Lua socket ? I’d prefer some high level api though. But with a proper example I can try it too. But I can’t find any.

Can anybody help?

defnet is directly based on Lua Sockets so it’s kinda just an implementation of that.
As this is still quite a new engine there are unfortunately not many open multiplayer examples out there, still the engine can absolutely do some great multiplayer games. We created a multiplayer game, from solely lua sockets and our own network lib.

If you have managed to do this on Unity (I guess HLAPI) and Godot I’m sure you will be able to understand defnet and give it a spin. I recommend it before trying out the Lua Sockets alone.
But first I would check out Colyseus and especially this forum thread: Colyseus - Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer Example


Colyseus is an excellent high level abstraction that I really recommended to take a look at.

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Thanks guyz !