Is there any chance to make Defold working Offline


I have only Internet Connection in the City. When I’m at home, I don’t have Internet. (living in the mountains). I like Defold so much and want to be able to work offline at home. Is there any chance to make Defold working Offline also to Build and Debug?

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If your project uses native extensions they will need to be built on a build server that we provide. This year (Q1 or Q2) we will make it possible for you to run one yourself, either locally or an server you own.

Do keep in mind that unless you change the code of an extension in your project you only need to build remotely once. The next build will use a cached version of the engine.



When I am about to go offline (plane or train trip) I start the project and make a build to cache it. It’s enough to keep working for a while.



@ [britzl]
Thank you for your answer.
That would be great :+1:

@ [sergey.lerg]
I’m only in town once a week.
Maybe next year I’m able to move to a place with good Internet Connection. :smiley:



And unless you are working on a native extension this should be more than enough. For normal game development you don’t need an internet connection at all.

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