Is the Rive project still going?

Is the Rive project still going?
Last blog post wrote a year ago and still beta version.
I’m so worried about that it can use to my game project.
Anybody knows this project’s latest news?


The current version of the extension works with the latest version of Rive, minus nested artboards which will be fixed this week.

What we are waiting for now is an updated runtime with support for texture meshes. This will be the big milestone for Rive since it will make it much more attractive and a direct competitor to Spine. The current version of the extension with flat and shaded shapes results in a lot of drawcalls, while a model using textures will be much more efficient. Rive has released basic support for textured meshes late in December and they are now working on mesh deformations. Once this is released we will work on the Defold integration to also support this.


Thank you so much!!
It’s time to study Rrive!
Thanks again for your detail.
That’s why I love Defold engine!!