Is the editor almost unusably slow for any other Linux users?


I’m using editor v1.2.175 on Ubuntu 20.04 and it’s painfully slow almost to the point of being unusable especially when editing tilemaps/sources. I’m running off of a Samsung 860 EVO SSD with an Intel Xeon E5620 and AMD Radeon RX 570.



It’s running fine on my side(Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). The only problem is that the menu’s font-size are small. But I can easily change that.!



Hmm, what editor version are you on? Is your computer significantly more powerful than mine?



I have noticed that attempting to open a large tilemap, tilesource, atlas, or any other graphical asset in the editor causes it to stall. “Large” varies. For example, I once tried using a 8192 x 8192 atlas. Every time I would open the atlas in the editor, I would be stuck at a non-responsive blank screen for a solid 10 to 20 seconds. Perhaps your assets are comparatively large? I am also running Defold on Windows, so I cannot speak for Linux specifically.

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Maybe try downloading OpenJDK and replacing the implementation in packages for Defold. I noticed a speed improvement in Windows doing this, but also had some non-serious error popups occurring more frequently so I reverted. Still, if it helps it be more usable it might be worth it.



I’m not using particularly large assets, I’m just using the “RPG Urban Pack” from Kenney. I tried using my system installation of OpenJDK 11 and it refused to even start. The interface is similarly slow on other computers I tested although I was unable to test the tilemap editor as it doesn’t seem to work on Intel integrated graphics.



This is not recommended. We cannot provide support if you change the JDK.

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