Is textures in .glb supported? And smooth animation transition

Hello! Now I learn how to use animated “.glb” models with skeletal skining in Defold.
Animations work well.
But, did I misunderstand: are built-in exported textures supported in Defold?
May be I need to set another settings in Blender 4.1?
If textures in glb are not supported right now, it’s my feature request.

Also, I didn’t find any info about smooth animation transition in Defold.
If it doesn’t exist right now, I think there is not needed some comlex system like as in Unreal Engine animation transition system. I think, a simple built-in Lua-code arguments for determing type and duration of animation transition is enough.

Both features are not critical.

And third. I use Mixamo charactors for tests. I did find a trouble with Mixamo. In the Mixamo’s charactor’s skelet the high-hierarchy bone has scale=0.01 and X-rotation=90. It is not a trouble for Godot or Unreal Engine, but for Defold I need to add new bone above with scale=1 and rotation=0. With multiple animations it takes a lot of time.