Is switch pro controller supported on Defold?

I’m new to Defold and I’m trying to get controller input to work on my computer, and I can’t get it to work. The only controller I have is a switch pro controller, and I’m wondering if the case is that Defold doesn’t natively support it?

There are bindings for the Switch Pro for the Nintendo Switch platform:

There are no bindings for this controller on any other platform. It would be great if you could contribute with the binding here. Step one is to check if Defold can identify the Switch Pro on your OS. Start by adding an input binding for the Connected event:

If your computer identifies the Switch Pro the next step is to generate the bindings. We have a tool callled GDC that you can use:

Run the tool, follow the instructions and add the output to your .gamepads file. Please also share the result here so that we can add it to Defold for all users.