Is it worth learning with editor 1?



I’m new to Defold, using Linux x86_64 for development, and i wonder if it’s worth using v1.2 or jumping directly to v2beta.

If i’ve well understood, v2beta is quite advanced and can be use with trust.
Reading the FAQ, it seems that the biggest issue is that you have to build (package) the games with the v1.2 editor (for the moment v2beta is backward compatible).

In the FAQ, it is also mentionned that those features are missing:

  • Texture profiles.
  • 3D Animation Set editing.

I don’t know what is it for the moment. As i’d like to do some basic 3D (tweaking the renderer pipelining, as explained in the doc), i wonder if it’s a problem.

Excuse me if this question has been asked before, but after a search in this forum, i haven’t saw it.

Thank you for reading.


All those missing features are now part of editor 2, we have just missed to update that page. About half of our users are already on Editor 2. It gives a nicer experience for the most part but there are still a few things to be done before we call it stable. For instance, the code editor has a few annoyances that can drive you up the walls if you type a lot of code.

The editors share the same engine so all engine features, including the render pipeline works the same between them.

I personally only use Editor 2 since a while back and is very happy with it so why not give it a go?


Thank you for your reply!

I will give a try tomorrow, then.

Because today, it’s no use:



Sounds good, we are working hard to correct that issue right now :slight_smile:



I don’t have a github account, but i can reply you here about Cannot build project after last update

My linux is a ArchLinux one.
libPVRTexLib is indeed missing on the system. does not seem to be available on ArchLinux distribution, neither official packages nor user packages.

So i’ve made a quick search, and found it in the demo version of Texture Packer 4.5, for Ubuntu 64 (TexturePacker-4.5.0-ubuntu64.deb)

Now the way to go for Arch users:

  • extract debian archive with ar -vx TexturePacker-4.5.0-ubuntu64.deb
  • extract the resulting xz archive with tar xf data.tar.xz
  • find the lib file and copy it at the root of defold 2 installation.
  • launch defold 2 editor with preloading the missing lib, giving linker hint: LD_PRELOAD=./ ./Defold

Of course, you could as well directly copy this file to /usr/lib, but it’s very dirty (LD_PRELOAD is just “not clean” :slight_smile: ).

Now , i can launch games in editor 2 , with C-b.

It’s just a workaround, may be this file could be ship with the next versions of the editor ?

Thank you for reading.


Good workaround tip!
In fact, we are actually already including this .so file in bob.jar (the same version too), but we’re investigating why it won’t load that particular library on all distros.


Hi @cubixpix!
Thanks for the workaround tips! We have now merged a fix for this issue. I’ve tried building on arch and ubuntu at it seems to work. Please let us know how it works for you. Remove the LD_PRELOAD before testing though, it shouldn’t be necessary :slight_smile:


Hello @Erik_Angelin,

Thank you for the fix ! I’ve tried with simply loading Defold executable , and it works perfectly with latest update.