Is it possible to not hide the status bar on iOS?

Working on my first game using Defold, and I notice that it takes up the whole screen on iOS… hiding the status bar at the top of the screen. My game.project has display > Fullscreen unchecked …

Is this simply a limitation of the Defold environment? Or is there a way to build games with Defold so that the status bar is still visible?

It is usually the opposite that is requested when creating games. Doesn’t most (all?) iOS games hide it?

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Most games do hide the status bar, but I found at least one that doesn’t:

Solitaire by MobilityWare

I’d like players to be able to see the status bar - mostly so they can keep an eye on their cellular signal as they play…

But, it would be useful for building general-purpose (not necessarily just games) using Defold…


It would be interesting if you considered implementing the functionality of being able to see the status bar on iOS, as games like Clash Royale do, for example.