Is it possible to delay updates? (SOLVED)



Editor2 is always checking in background if there is some update available.
It’s a very good thing, nobody would be against bugs correction :slight_smile:

The problem is that: the update is not applied if a projects has been launched. For getting the box “apply the update now / later” , i have to wait the update to be fully loaded.
If i begin to work on a project, the update is still loaded, but not applied, and will be reloaded again next time i launch the editor.

It’s a problem for me because my bandwidth is very limited: each update takes about 20 minutes to be loaded, and hogs my internet connection.
So i’d like to chose when i want apply updates (let’s say, while i’m not in front of my computer for half an hour :wink: )

I’ve seen this in the log:

2017-10-12 11:57:34.376 INFO default editor.updater - {:line 82, :message “automatic updates enabled”}

So i think it’s possible to turn off automatic updates, but how ?
Or may be there is a trick for applying an update when a project has been loaded ? (would be even better solution for me).

Otherwise, i will have to do traffic shaping with iptables/tc , or some complicated things like this :slight_smile:
Please, help my bandwidth breathing :wink:

Thank you for reading.


I have an Update Available text in the lower right corner of the editor. When I click this the update will be applied.



Oh… yes :smiley:

Thank you for pointing this. My next question will be : how do you change the size/color of the fonts in the editor ? :blush:


We still download the update in the background before showing the “Update Available” though. You would like to explicitly begin the download when it’s appropriate for you, right?


It’s currently not exposed in an easy to configure way. I believe there’s a .css file somewhere but I would recommend that you wait until the team has exposed this in a better way.


Sorry, i hadn’t seen the Update avalaible in the editor (it’s full of new things for me, and i’ve missed this one).

So, i was thinking that the update was only possible on the start “project selection” box. That’s why i were asking for delaying the update. But now i know that i can update at any time, there’s no problem for me.

Sorry again :blush: