Is it possible to assign TileSource images at run time? (SOLVED)


I didnt see if this was possible in the docs. Thanks to the search, I see there’s a way to do it only for GUI.

If I could dynamically assign images to various things at runtime, that’d be a huge win for me. They would just be static things like tilesets, not animations.

If this isn’t on the roadmap, I’m cool with just releasing an update to the apps if I put in new graphics.



Unfortunately there is currently no way for anything other than the gui to dynamically load a downloaded texture. There is a ticket for this to work with sprites as well, but I’m not sure when/if it will be shipped. There is also a larger discussion related to downloading new content (atlases, collections, game object etc) to a running app.



Ok, no problem. I thought I’d ask.



Now possible: