Is Defold ideal for this?


Hi all! I’ve been wanting to make a game similar to “the Realm” which was an early 2.5 isometric MMO from 1996. My end goal would be to develop both a desktop and mobile rendition of the game however I’m unsure if what I want is a realistic goal with Defold. I’m asking as I’d like it to be the solution that I’m looking for over the use of Unity. Below is a screenshot of the view as well as a video showing some gameplay. Please let me know if any of this seems out of scope for what Defold can do. Thank you in advance.

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Disclaimer: I’ve never used unity.

Defold is perfect for what you are trying to do: a 2.5D game, desktop and mobile, with GUI elements. If you have any specific questions about things that might be difficult to do with defold, let us know.

Hearing those sounds has really taken me back, that MIDI flute with the acoustic guitar is so typical of the era!

My advice is that you download and start playing around, if you have no experience making games it’s going to be a difficult struggle (same with any engine) but it’s a really powerful tool that is well suited to what you want to make.



The only thing that you would probably need to dig a little more into is how the backend and server is built. Front/Client Defold is perfect but are you planning on using the old server? What is the server running and how is the network architecture made?
Guess mobile would need some bigger adjustments for UX for it to work.
Also if you want an actual clone of the game you might consider how to create this midimusic on mobile. Normally midisongs really doesnt care about the lengths (as it is very small files) but you would probably need to convert it into ogg/wav for a mobile version.



It should be possible to create a native extension that wraps a midi player library. Or maybe the FMOD extension can play midi? There’s also a ModPlayer extension.



Server side we actually have handled.Oddly thats the least of our issues =p Unity has some nice features without a doubt, but with my time using Defold, I like it better! However the biggest areas of concern is the mobile capabilities as I haven’t worked in this area yet (Android and IOS) and of course the smaller collection of resources available (not complaining).



Then I believe you are really at home. Defold is in every aspect better suited for mobile development. It is true cross platform in oh so many more ways than Unity. I create games on both platforms and here is really one section where Defold is better than Unity.



I don’t have such comparision with Unity, because I never deployed any Unity project on mobile, so I’m just curious - why exactly is Unity worse than Defold in that case, @andreas.strangequest?