Is Defold can really make small size Android APK?

Hi, I’m new in Defold, looking a way to switch from Unity because it’s file size big and bad perfomance and I’m hearing that Defold can give the solution from that problems, is that true? Need to know more before getting started. Sorry for bad english…


Last time when I test apk size it was 2.9 Mb , but now this test is not actual, because you can remove unused features from the engine using appmanifest.

Using this feature we reduced our Classic Solitaire Klondike build size to 2.58Mb


Thank you for your quick answer @AGulev Can you please guide me how to do it? I wonder someone had to create a post out there, so people can easily google it how it done, I’m totally new don’t know where to find my app manifest

Removing some unused things from the app isn’t very hard. It isn’t as simple as “clicking a checkbox” but shouldn’t be hard to figure out with some pointers :slight_smile: one thing to keep in mind is that you are not able to remove anything or everything only a few set things, the list of what you can remove will most likely be increased in the future.

For starters, the appmanifest isn’t created with the project and you will have to create one yourself, this is as easy as creating a text file and naming it “my_project.appmanifest”. As for what you can remove the topic on Native Extensions is a good place to start, especially (as @AGulev pointed out) this post.

You will then have to point to your new appmanifest, you will do that in your “.project” file that is the file you open with the Defold editor. The attribute you are looking for is close to the very bottom of the file. Click on the […] button and it should show up in the dialog.

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If you haven’t notice this is the main “settings” file for the whole project and is the first place to look if you are looking for any kind of setting for your project, anything from app height to package identifier.

Please don’t hesitate if you have problems or any other questions :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks to all, sorry need time to get around with Defold (also get around with the forum too) and should more patient for beginner like me before make a question post, my first try, i got 6.3 MB android bundle size using no physics, record and profiler. I visited your post @Agulev about Build size. Auto Stripping or manual configuration, how can you achieve that small size (2.9 MB)?

Is it empty project?
Have you check this checkbox?


There are simple words, MASSIVE THANKS @AGulev !

Better prepare learning lua and Defold environment ASAP for my next project, you have made my day!


Also while we’re working on the docs on the topic, The Greatest @Pkeod has created a collection of sample manifests as a way to share the tribal knowledge: