iOS swipe up gesture


I’ve noticed that with my game on iOS, the swipe up system gesture to close or see the opened apps, is somehow greyed out until I click on it once. Then it acquires focus and I can swipe up again and close the game.

Is there a setting somewhere I need to check to have it behave like normal apps?

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That’s normal behaviour for games, so that you don’t accidentally swipe up. You should probably keep it that way. But if you want to change it nevertheless, I think it’s UIStatusBarHidden in Info.plist, but that will show the status bar as well.

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I also found this:

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Found this information but ahah this is where I hit a wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I need a native extension?



Yup. You’ll need a NE to implement that method. Not sure how to override the app delegate though.



You can register a delegate using the dmExtension::RegisteriOSUIApplicationDelegate

It seems the documentation is a bit weird looking currently, so I post it here too. It uses a global constructor in order to be able to add it self as early as possible during the app startup.


 id<UIApplicationDelegate> g_MyApplicationDelegate;

 @interface MyApplicationDelegate : NSObject <UIApplicationDelegate>

 - (void) applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *) application;


 @implementation MyApplicationDelegate

 - (void) applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *) application {
     dmLogWarning("applicationDidBecomeActive - MyAppDelegate");


 struct MyAppDelegateRegister
     MyApplicationDelegate* m_Delegate;
     MyAppDelegateRegister() {
         m_Delegate = [[MyApplicationDelegate alloc] init];
     ~MyAppDelegateRegister() {
         [m_Delegate release];

 MyAppDelegateRegister g_FacebookDelegateRegister;

Here’s an actual example from extension-facebook



Thank you both!
Looks like a small enough project for me to test the water with NE.
It would be nice to have it natively as an option :slight_smile: