Input key bindings are not showing all keys

I am using Defold 1.2.189 version on Mac OSX and recently learning Defold.I have created a basic beginner game.I am trying to add input key bindings but few keys like key-up,key-down etc… is not showing on the given dropdown.Also even after adding the player script player is not moving with the given key input.

Kindly find the attached project zip and help me with this issue. (6.4 MB)

The dropdown list of keys is alphabetized. If you’re talking about the arrow keys, they are in the list as “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, and “Right”.

I opened your project—the problem is you forgot to put the player script on the player. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you so much @ross.grams. These silly mistakes will help me to learn more :slight_smile: I have few questions here.Could you please help me 1)In youtube video tutorials they are showing key-up,key-right etc… But I could not find it on my dropdown. was it renamed as Left,Right in recent release?
2) If you see my project the screen is not occupying completely.If I want to build mobile game compatible how can I make this object will occupy complete mobile screen (both in landscape and portrait modes)
3) Is there any way we can show mobile joystick kind of view something like given below Redirect Notice

  1. Yes, the way the editor displays the keys was changed quite a while ago to make it easier for most people to find what they want.

  2. I see you are using Rendercam. I suggest you enable the “Use View Area” setting and set the “View Area” to the word size that you want to see. Then enable either the “Fixed Area”, “Fixed Width” or “Fixed Height” scale mode. “Fixed Area” is best for general-purpose adaptability and exploration, “Fixed Width” & “Fixed Height” are best for games where either the view width or height are very important to gameplay (like a side-scrolling runner or a vertical shooter).

  3. As usual, britzl has an example for this. Check out this thread: Simple Virtual Joy Stick using Lua?

I’d recommend this reusable version:

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